Thoughtful Design
for Busy Lives

Thoughtful Design
for Busy Lives

A well designed home lets you find comfort and relaxation during the chaos of daily life.

Clients come to us when the home they want to stay in is no longer meeting all of their needs. Our projects range from 2 hour consultations to multi-room renovations or additions.

No matter how big or small the project, we start with a conversation. We want to know your story. What isn’t working? What would your ideal space be like? You don’t have to know how to make it happen: that’s our job.

What We Do


We take the stress out of planning for single or multiroom renovations. Full design services take you from start to finish, including contractor-ready design drawings and site inspections to ensure your reno goes according to plan. We commonly work on kitchens, bathrooms, additions, and family rooms.


Sometimes the ‘bones’ of your home are fine, but things still aren’t working. Redesigns can change the purpose of a room, improve layouts, and update styles. Transitioning nurseries to kids’ rooms, adding a home office, or improving the layout of an open-concept multipurpose room are common redesign projects.


Sometimes projects are smaller than a redesign, or you just have questions. A two hour consult is a chance to ask anything and get immediate answers. The most common consults are for colour pallets, furniture arrangements, zoning, and art placement.


We genuinely believe that good design improves quality of life. That’s why once or twice a year we volunteer our services to local community organizations. Our past projects have included designing the new office space for the Sexual Assault Support Centre in Kitchener and the lobby of the Kitchener Waterloo Little Theatre.
ADHD Design

Design for ADHD

Many symptoms of ADHD come from a mismatch between our needs and our environment. We help you find those mismatches and identify design-based solutions. These might be as simple as providing a spot for “fidgets” near your desk or as large as incorporating acoustic and lighting design in a renovation to allow greater control over sensory distractions.

Design for Homes

Older homes are often charming and located in wonderful neighbourhoods. But they can mean dealing with the legacy of previous updates, or a layout that doesn’t make sense for today’s lifestyles. Making older homes work for our clients’ changing needs is our favourite kind of project. We love to find that “keystone” moment, where changing one thing lets everything else fall into place.

Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s wellbeing
— Albert Hadley

A word from our clients

I always felt that it would be too costly to hire an interior designer and I had not had the need for one until our latest project. We had a large L-shaped great room and we needed to incorporate 3 seating areas by using the furniture we already had and adding 2 new sofas. We did not want it to look overcrowded and this was a difficult task. Lenore worked easily with me to get the look that I wanted without changing it to not look like us. The end result was a very warm and inviting room with an area for conversation for 6, an area for TV watching and an area for quiet one on one conversation.

Lenore is very personable and calm and we worked together well. She listened to what I like and did not try to completely change my mind. She worked diligently and did not make me wait long for her suggestions which I welcomed. She has a good eye for colour combinations and you can tell that she loves her work. I am very glad I hired her.

Steph Hunsberger, homeowner