If Home is Difficult, Design can Help

At Lenore Brooks Design, our approach is a holistic one.

When we work on a home, we consider what supports your wellbeing as well as what looks good.

This can mean something as simple as choosing paint colours that help you relieve stress. Or it can mean redesigning your entire interior to solve an issue. By using design analysis, we connect how you live to the space you have.

It’s a joy to create a beautiful space that helps a person achieve a better quality of life.

Our goal is to find out what kinds of spaces make you happy and then help you create them.

Over the last 5 years, we’ve been serving clients in Kitchener-Waterloo on projects small and large. Some of the spaces we’ve created support people with vision impairments, people with foot and back problems, and people with memory issues. Many of our spaces have helped people relieve stress by increasing the functionality of the home.

Learn more about our design services and our clients’ experiences below.

Home Design and Decorating

Home Design and Decorating

If you have questions about paint colour or room finishes, need help with a DIY project, or have a renovation in mind, this is your section! Find out more about our hourly services and renovation projects here.

Home Staging

Home Staging

If you’re a motivated homeowner who wants to prepare their own home for sale with a custom, professional plan, then our staging consultations are right for you.

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Happy Clients

Just wanted to thank you for an incredible to-do-list and being so professional to help us stage our home to sell.  It worked!  We had an offer within days, and our home is sold.  Your job certainly isn’t easy, as I know how much work it was to de-clutter and put away some of my favourite things, but I’m so glad I listened to all of your tips for selling.
—Sarah Bowler, home owner

If you’re ever in need of a stager, I recommend Lenore Brooks. She has now done several stagings for my clients, and the results have been great.  Most importantly the clients like her, she doesn’t come across as your typical pushy stager. She’s got great ideas and gets them across in a non-threatening way.
—David McIntyre, McIntyre Realestate Services

When we bought our house, we brought in Lenore to consult on colour and furnishing.  Throughout the process she was helpful and professional, interested in letting us articulate our vision rather than imposing her own; she was not shy about sharing her opinions (and the reasoning behind them) when asked, but made it clear that the final decisions were ours.  We will definitely return to her when we start planning to renovate our home.
—Matt Walsh, home owner

Just want to give you a big thank you for helping me so many times with picking colours for my clients. A perfect example: a client had a hard time finding the colours for her living room. She had been out 3 different times, came home with colours and didn’t like any of them. I said, I will see what Lenore suggests. I came back with Lenore’s picks for the main colour and and accent wall colour and my client and her husband loved it. The room took on a charm that we never envisioned. Thanks to you, Lenore,  everyone was happy. This has happened every time I ask Lenore for a colour consultation. So in closing I am more than happy to recommend Lenore’s colour consultations to everyone. She knows her stuff and my happy clients are proof of her talents.
—John Verkley, painter

Lenore helped us with a kitchen renovation project in 2013.  We really appreciated her flexibility in being willing to help, or not help, with whatever aspects of the project suited us.  Lenore was patient and understood that sometimes the decision-making involved a couple of steps forward and then a couple back.  I wanted someone who would be honest, and not just tell me what I wanted to hear, and Lenore provided that.  I felt that Lenore really listened and wanted to make sure to address special needs or concerns that I had.  I never felt that Lenore was trying to impose a vision on me of what the end product would be.  When the project was finished I thought the kitchen looked wonderful and I could see in Lenore’s eyes that she felt the same way.
—Jill Magazine, homeowner

I can’t imagine what we would have done without Lenore’s design support for our Centre’s new office. As a not-for-profit organization, we were truly excited about creating our space but we were also completely out of our element. Lenore’s expertise, ideas, talent and connections made a complex process infinitely more manageable. We are forever grateful to her for working with us to create a beautiful, bright and professional space for our clients, staff members and volunteers. We love our new space.
—Sara Casselman, Executive Director, Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region

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