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ADHD is a spectrum disorder, and so everyone experiences it in different ways. There are some common effects, such as difficulty organizing or maintaining routines, but the solutions are as unique as the people involved. That’s why we don’t have a particular “thing” we do for ADHD. We work with people to build customized solutions.

In our experience, people with ADHD don’t need specialty design. Instead, we need to discover the points of mismatch between how our brains work and our space works. It can be a small matter of realizing that you need multiple sets of scissors placed in task-based zones; or it can be realizing that you need morning instead of evening sun in your bedroom.

It’s a joy to create a beautiful space that helps a person achieve a better quality of life. We are pleased to announce that we can now offer ADHD services online to clients around the world.

Structured Space
Design Method

We created our Structured Space Design Method to use with clients. Together, we investigate the unique ways that ADHD is affecting one or more members of a household. Once the difficulties are well defined, there are often a variety of solutions that present themselves, and we can pick and choose based on the scope of the project.

  • Visual Processing

    People with ADHD rely heavily on visual memory. Design supports include: visual cuing with colour; open storage design; supportive lighting design

  • Sensory Distractions

    The types of distractions that people experience vary, but often they cluster around particular senses. Design supports include: acoustic dampening; lighting design; addressing tactile experiences

  • Decision Making

    The executive function difficulties that people with ADHD face can lead to an experience of “spinning your wheels” when you try to do something. Design supports include: single-purpose zones; logical flows and organization; colour blocking and sensory queuing

  • Motor Tasks

    Every extra step in a task is a moment where the task can be forgotten or abandoned. Design supports include: functional zoning, task centres, space planning

  • Intrinsic Rewards

    Completing tasks and moving through routines can be helped by immediate, small rewards. Design supports include: aesthetically pleasing design that is completed by finishing a task; choosing items with good affordances; use sensory rewards such as a satisfying “click” into place


Home Renovations


The first step is always to find out if we’re right for each other. First we’ll chat by phone or email, and schedule an initial meeting at your home to discuss the project and what we can do for you. If things feel right, we’ll sign a contract and get started with measurements and photographs.


Back at the studio is where the magic happens. We take your ideas and our analysis of your space and start to put together a floor plan and layout major fixtures. If it’s a kitchen or bath, we’ll get the millwork and appliances arranged. This stage focuses on creating flow and function, the design elements that make your space work with you and for you.

Home Renovations
Home Renovations


We’ll incorporate your feedback into the fundamental layout and floor plan and get started on the fun stuff: creating the custom details, selecting the colour scheme, light fixtures, surface finishes and furniture. At the end of this stage, you’ll have a complete drawing package that can be presented to a contractor for a detailed quote.


When it's time to purchase, we are flexible to your needs. We can provide a shopping list, shop with you, or shop for you depending on your time and budget. 

Home Renovations
Home Renovations


During the build phase we still check in to make sure everything is going according to plan! We always do a minimum of two site visits—one before the walls go up and one at the end of construction. But if you want to travel or be less involved during construction, we can take on a full project management role and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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  • ADHD Design - Interior Design Kitchener by Lenore Brooks Design


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