Lenore Brooks Design offers 2 hour staging consultations to motivated home sellers who plan to get their home ready for market themselves. These consultations give DIY stagers a custom, professional plan that distinguishes between what must be done and what could be done to allow homeowners to get a professional-looking result while making the most of their time, effort, and money.

Connect your home’s special features to the dream-home desires of your market.

Staging creates a welcoming atmosphere with targeted appeal that allows buyers to make an emotional connection with your home. Identifying and focusing on a target market when developing your staging plan helps set your home apart from more generic stylings.

Staging consultations are working meetings where we discuss how to best present your home to the people most likely to buy it. We begin our consultation by discussing your plans for the house, your budget and time lines. We then conduct a walkthrough of your house, identifying staging priorities room-by-room. Lenore will look at your house with fresh eyes, pointing out what might have become invisible to you, but what stands out on first impressions.

Throughout the walkthrough, Lenore will provide ongoing, practical advice: the question of where to place a chair, how to hang your art, whether your cupboards need a full makeover or just a change of hardware, or maybe nothing at all. After all, it’s as important to know where to stop as where to start: a custom consultation takes away the guesswork, and provides a prioritized plan that you can execute with confidence.

At the end of our consultation, you will have a prioritized plan that you can carry out yourself.

The fundamentals of staging are not difficult, and for many people selling their homes, doing it themselves represents an excellent opportunity to save money. You can learn about the fundamentals on our blog, and if that’s enough, we’re glad to have helped!

But if you’d like to take the question marks out of your particular situation, or if you have some troublesome areas that need a little professional advice, a home staging consult might be right for you.

Staging Consultation: $275 – up to 2 hours in home +1 hour of email or phone support

  • custom, prioritized to-do list for each room in the house, complete at end of consultation
  • painting plan, when appropriate, including colours and type of paint
  • furniture arrangement plan
  • art placement plan
  • advice on how to approach necessary repairs
  • solutions for specific issues
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