A person lies sick on a grey couch in a wine coloured hoody under a red, blue and green blanket. A grey-blue-pink colour scheme is overlayed on the right hand side.

Colour Us Sick

An unpleasant head cold sweeps its way through our families here at Lenore Brooks Design. As our ability to get things done slows, I am reminded of college when I often had to work through an illness.

I remember particularly a large solo project where we were designing a fictional medical clinic. It was beautiful inspiring architecture, and I was very motivated to do a good job. Just a couple weeks in, however, I was struck down with a bad cold.

I had completed the colour scheme only a few days prior and thought that while I couldn’t do much, I could take the opportunity to review my colours to see how they would effect a sick person in my clinic. So armed with a fever of 102, I reviewed my project. I wholeheartedly believed my brilliant colour scheme, so carefully crafted, would delight and sooth my poor head, delivering me into the depths of peace where I would revel in my uncompromising brilliance.  What can I say, I was in my early 20’s.

Much to my horror, instead of being both interesting and soothing, my colour scheme hit me like a physical force, making me dizzy, disoriented and doubling my headache. I quickly sorted through my palettes to find colours that would sooth, calm, and relax me in my state.

It was one of the most valuable lessons on colour theory I learned over the three years. Colours do matter, they do effect us, and their careful and thoughtful choosing can greatly increase our quality of life.

Also I got a really good mark. And in school, that is the best balm for a cold.

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