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Budget Right the First Time

Getting the renovation budget right the first time will save lots of headaches down the road. Learn where to start in Part 1 of the Lenore Brooks Design budgeting series.

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A Nomadic Office

The next phase of my ADHD-friendly office redesign is to create a “nomadic office.” Once it’s fully functional, I think it’s going to rival my standing desk as a work-flow game changer! Lenore developed the concept of a Nomadic Office in order to assist with my ADHD and at the same time meet our whole family’s needs in relation to …

At the Beach!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! We are currently enjoying a little down time, but check back soon for some major updates to the home office project, and a cool Ikea hack!

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Spray Paint Indoors

Can you use spray paint indoors? This might not seem like a common homeowner question, but it comes up more often than you would think!You might associate “spray paint” with graffiti, but a surprising number of homeowners find themselves needing a can. Beyond the decorative repainting of light fixtures and furniture that you see on TV, spray paint delves into …

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Reviving Wood: how to use teak oil

Before replacing worn-looking teak furniture, give refinishing it a try! Refinishing teak is easy and satisfying. Teak was a popular wood in the late 20th century and was used for everything from furniture to cabinetry to decking. Sadly its popularity caused the species to become endangered, and the only times you will see new teak wood items to day is …

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How’s YOUR summer going?

I’ll be honest with you (Carmen here)… my summer has been a bit hectic! We found out that the improperly installed patio door had spent years leaking water onto the joists that held it up and those joists were no more… for about 6-8 inches back. Yikes! When we peeled back the insul-brick and found the rot, things went into …