What a show! IDS 2017

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After attending this year’s Interior Design Show in Toronto, I have come away with a bag full of specifications and a head full of ideas. From new innovative products to prototypes yet to be launched in the market, it’s a fun way to start a fresh year of design.

A couple of highlights

I loved AyA Kitchens‘ booth, which used cupboard frames to create a sculptural design. A beautiful abstract structure was hung from the ceiling, while a similarly constructed sculptural piece reached up from the countertop, filled with plants that gave the effect of growth and beauty. Here’s a great picture from their instagram account:

A design show, like a fashion show, is an opportunity to see products in new ways, and particularly to explore artistic ideas that wouldn’t be practical in an actual home, but which are inspiring nonetheless. I am going to immediately recognize that this system is sculptural and has a beauty that I can use to enhance a kitchen I’m remodeling, and I’m going to remember the product displayed in such a non-traditional way.

Another exciting product is Town and Country Fireplace‘s new fireplace. It’s so new, it’s not even on the website yet, but here’s a picture of the brochure:

Kitchen Interior Design

Now, this fireplace may be somewhat more exciting to designers than homeowners because of its amazing technical features, but these features make it great for homeowners as well. Basically, this fireplace can have any type of material surrounding it, including combustible materials. It also has some structural features that allow it to bear more of a load than regular fireplaces.

What this means to homeowners is two things: first, your fireplace can be incorporated into any design, because we can put anything, including just drywall, right up to the edge of it. Notice in the picture that there is no frame or mantle around the fireplace? This is because the heat is amazingly well contained. When I placed my hands on the model at the show, the glass was warm, but comfortable, and the wall above the fireplace was cool.

This leads to the second benefit for homeowners, which is that the placement of the fireplace does not have to consider the safety of children or pets, because they can’t be harmed by coming into contact with the glass. This product brings an amazing amount of flexibility to how a designer can incorporate a fireplace into a room.

Bringing IDS ideas home in 2017

If you’re feeling inspired, or if you have questions about how to use these products (or others) in your home, you can leave a comment below, or contact me directly.