How’s YOUR summer going?

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I’ll be honest with you (Carmen here)… my summer has been a bit hectic! We found out that the improperly installed patio door had spent years leaking water onto the joists that held it up and those joists were no more… for about 6-8 inches back. Yikes! When we peeled back the insul-brick and found the rot, things went into a bit of crisis mode here. Now, luckily the LBD husband team managed to fix things up pretty well, sistered the joists, put in a new subfloor, waterproofed, insulated, and resided everything. We also got an exterminator in to deal with the carpenter ants that had let us know there was a problem.

Home Renovations

Things have calmed down a bit, although what with it being the busy season in the renovation cycle, we haven’t been able to get any quotes on a longer term solution yet. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I’m a little behind on the social media front! But I’d love to hear how your summer DIYs are going, and I hope you’re avoiding disasters! Do share your stories… after all, misery loves company!