How to create good temporary clothes storage

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In many bedrooms, clothes make up a huge percentage of the clutter. One way to tame that clutter is to create a space where you can put clothes that aren’t quite dirty enough for laundry but aren’t quite clean enough to put away.
We’ve put together some of our favourite finds from around the web for temporary clothes storage. Now, these pieces of furniture can be used in two ways: to set out the clothes you’ll wear tomorrow, or to hold the clothes that aren’t ready for the laundry.
But whichever use you’re interested in, here are the things you want to consider in order to create the perfect temporary clothes storage for your space and your needs.

General features

  • limited space, otherwise it will just become a catch-all
  • easy to use
  • specific features that suit your needs

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Figuring out the specific features
There are a lot of options out there. We find the features fit into these general categories:

  • a wide spot to drape clothes, scarves, belts
  • a hook or bar to hang clothes on hangers
  • a container for accessories
  • a shelf to pile
  • a shelf or wedge for shoes

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Figure out what kinds of things you want to store. For example, I (Carmen) have no need for shoes or accessories because I don’t keep those in my bedroom. I do need the ability to drape or pile, because I need a place for my sweaters.
Find the right space
If your bedroom is big enough for a dressing zone, then ideally you should put it there. That said, it shouldn’t interrupt the ability to move around in your room. If you have a walk-in closet, setting it up in there might be ideal.

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On the other hand, if you have a very small bedroom, you may want to find something you could put on a wall or on the inside of your closet door.

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Clothes that last and peace of mind
Developing a good temporary storage solution has benefits that go beyond reducing clutter. When you air out your clothes after you use them, you can wash them less and they last longer. Even if you end up putting them in the laundry before wearing them again, airing them out first means the laundry pile is never damp, which will extend the life of your clothes.
Setting out an outfit for the next day can also help reduce morning stress and decision fatigue. It turns out that we only have so many decisions we can make in a day before we get exhausted. Choosing your clothes the night before means you can take your time and it takes away some first-thing decision making that starts to wear you out before you even start your day.

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Share your temporary clothes storage with us!
We’d love to know if you have a clever solution you’ve put to use, or if you use this post to develop your own. Please tell us in the comments or on our facebook page, and share your pictures if you like!