Curated Collections

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In our post about decluttering, I mentioned that the Konmari method is often mistaken for minimalism, but it is actually a method for creating a highly curated collection of personal property.

What’s the difference? Well, we find the Vogel’s a great example. They were a working class couple in New York who bought art pieces that brought them joy. Thousands of them!

Over their lifetime, they collected one of the most important art collections of the 20th century, all crammed into their tiny 450 square foot apartment.

It was anything but minimalist. But it was their life’s passion.

Obviously, this kind of collecting is not for everybody! But we find the Vogel’s inspiring because their reason and method for collecting was founded on their personal passion.

Read more about the Vogel’s lives, or browse their art collection. Then join us again next week when we talk about how to take the various furniture, art, and decor YOU have collected and that you love, and make them work together.