2019 Ikea Catalog: Our top picks

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Carmen: What really struck me about the catalog this year is that Ikea has moved into a really distinct new style that reflects some broad colour trends, as well as a move away from the minimalism that people usually associate with Scandinavian design.

Lenore: My first thought seeing this years catalogue is that they have a real multicultural feel that was somewhat lacking in previous catalogues. IKEA expanded into India this year and that is reflected in their choices of colours, layouts and models. I really like how they have shown their wares in a real variety of decor styles and feel it only enhances the brand.

We’re also seeing brown (re)-emerging as the neutral of choice. For several years grey has been the preferred neutral, but you’ll be hard pressed to find any in this year’s catalog!

Carmen’s first pick: Majorna Floor Lamp

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

There are a bunch of ways to do “maximalism” (I have a dispute with the term but we can talk about that another time!). One of my favourites these days is in playing with pattern and line. So rather than maximizing the “stuff,” the stuff is enriched with more to look at.

This lamp does exactly that: the patterns change through the different segments of the lamp, but they are white on white. The shape and playful pattern make it a lamp that can catch your attention, but isn’t automatically distracting. I love it!

Carmen’s second pick: Tossåsen Wall Shelf

The Tossåsen Wall Shelf picks up on several trends in a delightfully whimsical way. It’s a display shelf, the brass colour and curved top are reminiscent of art deco styles. It has potential to add an architectural feel to the plain box-style houses and apartments we often find ourselves in, for a low price.

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

Those lamps, though!!!!

Carmen’s third pick: limited edition birthday revivals

This isn’t a single item, but something fun to watch for. It’s Ikea’s 75th anniversary this year, and in celebration they are reviving some old favourites as limited-edition collections. Check out pages 292-293 of the Canadian catalog to see a few of the items. The 1950s items are already online, the 1970s items come out in October, followed by, you guessed it, the 1990s in December.

What a fun way to celebrate their anniversary (can I hope for some of my beloved discontinued PS items in February?!?)

Lenore’s first pick: Lövbaken side table

This side table looks like an instant classic. The attention to details with the gold feet and the herringbone wood pattern make this feel like a much more expensive piece. I really love that they are bringing something that has been designed so thoughtfully in at a price that most people can afford. I would not be surprised to find these still around in 50 years.

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

Lenore’s second pick: Fulltalig candlesticks

This set of three candlesticks tickles my nostalgia bone. With a classically Swedish base to catch wax drippings they are sturdy, and walk the line between modern and traditional that will compliment almost any decor. They are very reminiscent of a pair of candlesticks my great grandfather carved, but with a modern twist.

Lenore’s third pick: Liatorp bookshelf & sideboard

The Liatorp series have been around for a while, and are generally really nice pieces. The tongue & groove back of the bookshelf gives it a slight country feel, but it is subtle enough to fit into a wide range of mix-and-match styles, or as an accent that injects a little contrast into a more cohesive style.

The mix of open and closed storage on the sideboard is also nice. The small details, like the profile of the feet, are nice and don’t look generic.

The dark green finish is new this year. It is really lovely and makes these pieces stand out from the crowd.

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

Blog by Lenore Brooks Design

What are your picks?

What do you say, is anything exciting you in the catalog this year? Let us know in the comments or on our facebook page: whether it’s new items, the bold colour palette, or your chance to get some sweet 80’s throw pillows!