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A Nomadic Office

The next phase of my ADHD-friendly office redesign is to create a “nomadic office.” Once it’s fully functional, I think it’s going to rival my standing desk as a work-flow game changer! Lenore developed the concept of a Nomadic Office in order to assist with my ADHD and at the same time meet our whole family’s needs in relation to …

At the Beach!

I hope you are having a wonderful summer! We are currently enjoying a little down time, but check back soon for some major updates to the home office project, and a cool Ikea hack!

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Spray Paint Indoors

Can you use spray paint indoors? This might not seem like a common homeowner question, but it comes up more often than you would think! You might associate “spray paint” with graffiti, but a surprising number of homeowners find themselves needing a can. Beyond the decorative repainting of light fixtures and furniture that you see on TV, spray paint delves …